We at International Journal of Pharmacometrics and Integrated Biosciences (IJPIB) work towards to select the manuscript, through high quality peer review. To achieve this each and every submitted manuscript is subjected to review by minimum of two reviewers, so that the publication process shall be objective and fair. Important ethical principles and decisions shall also be reviewed. Manuscript should strictly seek original work that has not been published elsewhere or under review process. Trust on IJPIB and journal reputation depends on the trust of readers, authors, researchers, reviewers, editors and other users.


Author(s) roles and responsibilities:

  1. Good manuscript should be appropriately designed according to author instructions provided in the website.
  2. All the authors mentioned in the manuscript are responsible for the quality, accuracy and ethical considerations of the work
  3. Republication of manuscript in another language may be acceptable, provided that there is full and prominent exposure of original source at the time of submission of manuscript.
  4. Corresponding author is responsible for forwarding final manuscript to


Publication committee roles and responsibilities:

IJPIB publication committee includes editors and reviewers that hold following responsibilities.

  1. Maintaining the standards of excellence for IJPIB
  2. Improving peer review process with wide skills and abilities
  3. Peer reviewers should have expert skill in their own disciplines
  4. Framing publication agreement, errata and clarification statements etc
  5. Review and edit all types of manuscripts prior to publishing
  6. Preserve the scientific integrity of all the volumes and issues
  7. Safeguards the rights of participants
  8. Avoid conflict with and/or duplication of other publications
  9. Any exceptions about the manuscript must be approved by IJPIB publication committee
  10. Reviewers must not share the manuscript to anyone without the permission of editor